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Jim Buchmann
Jim (Ludwig) Buchmann, also known as gentleman Jim in the traditional jazz circuit, has come full circle in his musical journey. After growing up and completing school in the Portland Oregon area, he moved to Toronto, Canada where he worked with the Climax Jazz band and freelanced with many notable groups. Jim met and married his wife Andrea in Toronto and in 1984 they decided to move to Orlando. Jim worked for the Walt Disney Company in a number of different bands. Recently, Jim and Andrea have moved back to the Portland area. Jim continues to be a sought after clarinetist throughout the country and enjoys his roll as a jazz instructor at a number of camps and workshops.
Other musicians who have performed with the Sonnenschein Express include Bill Mueller, Ty Baden and Frank Ciavatta on drums, Jim Horzen and Bill Page on Accordion, Gene Hunn, Ted Schoen and Jim Snyder on Clarinet, Hans Prettner on Guitar and George Schnell on Tuba.