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The Orlando Sentinel
Thursday, Oct. 29, 1998
Ah, "Oktoberfest"

I would like to comment on the exceptional presentation Oktoberfest by the Orlando Philharmonic. The program was highly advertised, but many of the professed lovers of philharmonic music seemed to be missing. Perhaps the Garth Brooks show at the Orlando Arena frightened them away, and they feared there would be no place to park. You missed a fantastic medley of varied music capably directed by Andrew Lane. His conducting in itself is lively, lifting - a pleasure. Everyone in the audience savored the special guests, and all had fun with the Sonnenschein Express German band.

Parking was no problem. In fact, the garage attendant said there was plenty of space and added that she hoped we would enjoy the music. We found superb parking space with ease. On the way out of the garage we asked the attendant how she had known that we were going to the Bob Carr Performing arts Center and not the O-Rena. She replied, of course, that we weren't wearing cowboy hats, boots or jeans.

Orlando Philharmonic, keep up the good work!

Winter Park